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Check out MCA Prime Time: F004W3RK this Saturday!

I’ll have a GIF in the open submission “late-night internet café video wall” part of MCA’s Prime Time event this Saturday, June 30th. Sadly I’ll be out of town on vacation and won’t be there to see the very first time one of my allegorical internet art babies has been displayed publicly. Hopefully I can do some after the fact cyber sleuthing of event photos to find it.

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Do your iMessage conversations lack bad internet art? That no longer needs to be the case with the brand-spanking-new make something awful every day sticker app. Get it in the App Store today!

‘Mo-Wave! 2015 Art Exhibition

Seattle! I’ll be debuting a new text-based installation at ‘Mo-Wave! tomorrow night. Check it out if you’re in the area. Exhibition announcement is below.


Please join us in celebrating the 3rd annual ‘Mo-Wave! Art Exhibition featuring work by:

Andrew Lamb Schultz
C. Davida Ingram
Free Witch Quarterly
Grant Rehnberg
Joey Veltkamp
Leigh Riibe
Liana Kegley
Lynda Sherman
Mario Lemafa
Rafa Esparza
Rio Abundez
Tara Thomas
Topher McCulloch
Storme Webber

Live performances by Mal DeFleur and Storme Webber
DJ Ozma Otacava

6pm to 10pm Opening Reception

The 2015 exhibition is rooted in themes explored by our “City of Empaths”* in Seattle Washington. It is orchestrated to herald a graphic and sensual call to action inspired by the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, Transgender Activism and the use of social media in the pursuit of social justice.

A starting point for the exhibition was Okwui Enzewor’s introductory essay for the 56th la Biennale di Venezia entitled “The State of Things”. Acknowledging that every exhibition exists in a “moment of disturbance” and the “…debris that grows from this moment and rises ever skyward, along with the events that precede it, one does feel as if summoned…” we are also called to action.

It is an attempt to evoke rhapsody through a tower of text pieces by local and national artists, alongside the most constructive forms of human bedrock; nude bodies, primary painting and encampments.

It is a space similar to one imagined by Benjamin Gazy and Anouk Rawkson, creators and bartenders at Pony. They invited artists and makers to recreate Mortville from John Water’s film Desperate Living, a municipality where social outlaws are relegated to serve a life sentence of no future, no resources, disease and sexual exploitation. It was a profound metaphor as luxury apartments, private schools, designer boutiques and restaurants, increasingly surround the triangular island the Pony occupies. Too much that is new in the neighborhood has been designed for visitors who live outside of it.

‘Mo-Wave!’s 2015 Art Exhibition challenges those ideas while educating new residents about the values our community of artists and activists hold dear. It’s a call to action through poetry and prose. We hope you’ll join us.

Davora Lindner and Steven Miller

*quote by Sierra Stinson

Gimlet Media Fan Art!

I love podcasts. I love awful drawings. At long last, I’ve combined those two loves into some Gimlet Media sketches. I personally can’t wait another minute for season two of Starlee Kine’s Mystery Show. Thankfully, Reply All is helping me ride out the wait.

Mystery Show Season One

It’s the Mystery Show Season One Lunchbox! Featuring Alex Blumberg as Gabe Kotter, Starlee Kine as Juan Epstein, Britney Spears as Freddie ‘Boom Boom’ Washington, Jonathan Goldstein as Vinnie Barbarino, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Arnold Horshack.

Reply All

Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt of Reply All

Make Something Awful Every Day is the Glom o’ The Week!

Head over to Glommable, Touchstone Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster)’s hot new content blog to check out an interview with me about my ongoing make something awful every day project.


Finally, it happened to me

After years of failed attempts and missed opportunities, I finally did it.

I finally met Grumpy Cat.

Her presence was foretold in the sky.


I knew I needed to find the longest line I could and then stand in it.


Hark, she is near!


Asleep!? Does she know who I am?


internet eikons finding new homes

Like what you see? Get your own! Details available on my pixel portrait commissions page.

Chicago Pixel Skyline

Because why not?

Chicago Skyline Panorama Pixel

2013: A Year in Pixel Portrait Internet Boyfriend Eikon Art

See the first year of pixel portraits in 30 seconds or your money back! Also, I’ve finally put up a rough commissions page.

Pixel Portraits at Knockbox Café


My pixel portrait series is having its first show at Knockbox Café (1001 N California Ave) in Humboldt Park in Chicago this month. The pieces are 10 x 10″ lenticular prints, making them IRL animated GIFs, or in real life animated graphic interchange formats for those who aren’t hip on the lingo fwiw ttyl jsyk.

Interestingly, despite being made from animated gifs, photographing or video recording the pieces in real life is somewhat difficult, making in person viewing the best way to experience the work.

I do hope to get some good video that I can then convert back into a gif, creating an infinite internet art feedback loop.