Have you always wanted to be your best, most animated and pixelated self? Well, now you can with pixel portrait commissions for $25! This includes:

  • Head and shoulders portrait with basic background and animation
  • Animated GIF (1080 x 1080px) perfect for Tumblr  and Twitter 
  • Still PNG (1800 x 1800px) for printing or profile photos
  • Video MP4 (1280 x 1280px) for Facebook, Instagram, Vine (RIP), etc
  • Larger sizes and alternate formats are available upon request!

See more pixel portrait examples or, to get started, email me at with reference photos and details for outfit, background, and animation or to ask questions. 

More Options!!

Design work and group shots are available as well! Larger posters begin at $75

Group portraits in a much simpler, 8-bit style like this start at $50.

Longer animated scenes begin at $100.

Check out my non-pixel design work at