A short life update of sorts

Chicago IRL published its third issue and successfully kickstarted and produced a fourth issue as well. All four issues are available for sale on our website! Also make sure to check us out on Facebook. I’ve done the design and layout for all four issues. I’m also responsible for all branding, graphics, and web stuff. I did the cover shoot for the third issue in conjunction with Dane Hallmark as well.

Chicago IRL Issue 4

 I’ve also been pouring more energy into my Make Something Awful Every Day project, now nearing the end of its third year. It’s kind of crazy how quickly the time has passed. I’m selling but first, coffee mugs as well as other goodies in my store.
The vector drawings I’ve been doing have been quite popular.
That one is me. Don’t tell anyone, ok?
My Sticky Notes series is ever growing…
I’ve been intending to get back into painting as well. We’ll see how that goes! I think that’s all I’ve got for now.

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